Talent Show Videos 2013

Thanks to the help of Mrs. Modzik, Mrs. Devaney and Mrs. Jones we were able to get the performances of our Talent Show finalists on video. While I am very sad that we were not able to have our actual Talent Show this year, I hope that you enjoy watching the videos!

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35 Responses to Talent Show Videos 2013

  1. Great job everyone I loved it!

  2. Mackenzie Beveridge says:

    Great job everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mrs.Brooke when are you going to put the other people or are they already posted.

    • Brooks says:

      Everyone is already posted. If you hit the arrow button to the side of the video it will scroll through the other acts below.

  3. Tracy Brooks says:

    Im trying to view “Call me maybe” but everytime I click on it all it does is go black. Is anyone else having that problem or is it just my computer?

    • Brooks says:

      Apparently for some reason certain search engines aren’t working to show the videos. I am working to fix the problem. In the mean time it is working under internet explorer if you were to open it in that.

    • Brooks says:

      I believe I have fixed the problem. If you continue to have trouble accessing the videos please let me know.

  4. Ms. Gordon says:

    The talent show videos are great!! There is a lot of talent in our school. Everyone did a wonderful job.

  5. Terry McCoy says:

    Kyle and Kirsten Love rock!!! A great talent show!

  6. Aunt Kay Kay says:

    Kyle and Kirsten, as always you make us all proud. I wish I could have been there to see it. I Love you guys.

  7. Grandma Pepermint says:

    Kyle and Kirsten, Grandma loves it!!!! IT brings me much joy to see you. Love you

  8. Kay Kay says:

    Aunt Kay is so proud of you Kyle and Kirsten. Wish I could have been there to see the show you all looked like you represented your school and it rocks!!!!! Love You

  9. Matthew Wilson says:

    Kyle and Kirsten Love are awesome and very talented!!!

  10. myla says:

    good job lindsay and makenna singing firework $

  11. Makenna Ritenour says:

    great moves rodney and good singing kendall wynn and great dancing sydney wynn and makenna and lindsay woohoo!!!!!!

  12. nicolas hollinshead says:

    Hahaha it was good

  13. nicolas hollinshead says:

    Kyle your steam was unexpected like that haha

  14. amber d. says:

    Go Lindsay show them what your made of

  15. Jackson Wayne says:

    The Fireworks dance was REALLY good!

  16. Jackson Wayne says:

    Need you now dance was,W.O.W! Nice job Arianna!

  17. sophie says:

    Who are the people that did gymnastics

  18. Rose Morgan says:

    Where’s Ilianas talent show for 2013?

  19. madeline walrond says:

    I wunt to do it this year but I do not have the CD

  20. madeline walrond says:

    thanks I will

  21. madeline walrond says:

    this is Natalie Zeigler from Mr. Coles Class I had fun in your class today
    can you make your owen song

  22. Bailey says:

    OMG!!! WE MADE IT TO THE FINALS!!!!! I’m soooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. Hollie Winter says:

    Good job every body


  24. O my gosh my sis Kathryn is a background dancer( the middle one )


  25. Juliet in Mrs. Smiths class says:

    omg we all look so cute

  26. Jackson Wayne #3 says:


  27. Kathryn from talent show... says:

    we were so young 😉

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