Results 2013-2014

Anyone who brought in a cd will be able to get it back after the Talent Show.

All of our performers did a wonderful job! I’m very proud of all of you and you should be very proud of yourselves! Ok….the results are in…….in no particular order………Congratulations to……..

Illiana Valenciea
Ally Novogradac
Jillian Deane
Christian Reid
Kendall Wynn
Christian Prinz
Genna Blake
Jadeyn Roberson
Danielle Callahan
Bailey Jenkins
Jayme Dibella
Emily Stephan
Taylor Titus
Allie Pittman
Tiffany Liming
Peyton Dickerson
Emma Harlan
Ariana Colson
Ronan Boyarski
Natalie Pettyjohn
Cheyenne Belair
Sarah Johnson
Sydney Wynn
Connor Quiroga
Caden Haynes
Sarah Marsee
Quiana Clopton
Robbie Pittman
Kamiryn Pittman
Clayton Williams
Madeline Walrond
Paige Watson
Brianna Whitaker
Deysi Amays
Joscelyn Lawson
Seth Duncan
Lucy Babcock
Hailee Perdue
Emma Green
Isabella Groves
Bree Squiers
Sarah Deubler

62 Responses to Results 2013-2014

  1. Nikki laVenuta-Reams says:

    I’m so happy that I made it yeah-ya

  2. Nikki laVenuta-Reams says:

    I’m so happy that I made it yeah-ya

  3. kyle love says:

    yo yo my homies ihave bieber fever

  4. Sydney Klich says:

    Thank u connect teachers for getting me into the Talent Show

  5. jenkinsgirl says:

    dear Mrs. Brooks,
    Only one person from my group is posted….. does that mean the rest of us are in it too or just that one person?

  6. Sami K. says:

    Good job everyone

  7. Brooks says:

    To everyone who auditioned and didn’t make it…..please keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that you did anything wrong or didn’t do a good job. We had a LOT of auditions this year and only so many people could go through to the final show. We have so much talent at this school and I really hope that those of you who didn’t make it this year try again next year!

  8. Katlyn Loving says:

    good job everybody

  9. maggie russell says:

    I’m sooooooo happy!!!!!! ahhh

  10. Rodney zummo says:

    Thank you teachers for voting for me.I really look forward to performing.

  11. dargent i relry thoht i made i t i worcked so hard at least i had fun

  12. i am happy for all you who made it if you did not i bet you did graet and its ok i did not mack it olso from connor

  13. sarah says:

    thanks so much ! we’ve been practicing so hard! i cant wait

  14. Katlyn loving says:

    If u didn’t make it than I bet u did awesome I didn’t make it myself kinda glad so I didnt get on stage and make myself look bad but good jod to every one who made and didn’t make it

  15. Thank u so much for giving me and
    My friends this opportunity to be in the
    Talent show

  16. Good gob katlyn you did
    Awesom !!!!

  17. Good gob katlyn you did
    Awesom !!!!

  18. If u look on home my bro Cameron said I was awesome

  19. Mackenzie Beveridge says:

    Good job you did well !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. isabella says:

    good job every one !!!!!!

  21. isabella melendez says:

    good job

  22. jenkinsgirl says:

    EVERYONE did great……. and people who also made it good luck tomorrow…. EVERYONE who auditioned should be proud that they had courage to actually try out in front of EVERYONE in their grade.

  23. OMG I can’t believe I’m performing tomarrow it’s going to be

  24. Every one did GREAT I thought every one
    Got in… I just wanted to get over my fears

  25. kyle love says:

    sup i screamed on the talent show video keep it real my home slices right back atcha

  26. :)amber:) says:

    I was going to sing tattoos on this town but maybe next year if lgms has a talent show

  27. dylan jones says:

    where are the videos

  28. Sami K. says:

    Ms.Brookes when will the talent show be posted. I can’t wait to see Kamryn doing the cup thingie.

  29. emily says:

    have a FUN summer

  30. nicolas hollinshead says:

    Sup Home Slices

  31. nicolas hollinshead says:

    Have a great summer!

  32. Jackson Wayne says:

    That’s all the people!?

  33. Christen says:

    Kiya owes me BIG TIME for getting the waving started but it is to bad that we didn’t have the talent show I was really looking forward to it

  34. Bailey J. says:

    just wanted to say hi everyone >.<

  35. Bailey says:

    OMG!!! WE MADE IT TO THE FINALS!!!!! Iā€™m soooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

  36. madeline walrond says:

    when is the talent show and are parents invited???????

  37. Danielle Callahan says:

    Woop! Great job everyone!

  38. emily/amber says:

    are the talent show videos of this year going to be posted?

  39. Mackenzie says:

    You guys did awsome great job in talent Show

  40. I don’t really have a talent, but i write poetry which seems boring

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