Take a moment to check out some of these great music websites! Some will help you develop your skills and some are just plain fun!

Treble Clef Game How many can you name in 2 minutes?

Music Games

Rhythm Hoops – Basketball

Rhythm Trainer

Safari for Instrument Familes – Carnegie Hall

Symphony #9 Dvorak – Carnegie Hall

Kid Zone – New York Philharmonic

Make sure you check out to make your own cool music composition!

What a cool version of this song! It’s amazing what you can do with just your voice!

Don’t let bullies rule your world!

Do Something Awesome!!!

So Inspiring! You can overcome anything if you work hard and follow your dreams!

5 guys and One piano! (What makes you beautiful)

Star Wars!

ABC Song with Usher!

16 Responses to Links

  1. victoria falb says:

    I love that kid!!!!!!

  2. that kid is real stand up for other people and you don’t let mean people pull you down and I liked to give this to kamron this is connor

  3. cello wars for the win! who.

  4. Connor says:


  5. cello wars coolest video ever!!!!

  6. krissia says:


  7. Hollie Winter says:


  8. ms.brooks cello wars was so cool

  9. Kid pres. is so awsome!! I love his videos there funny>

  10. Sage says:

    Super super inspiring go Rachel I love that song !!!!!
    I love funny videos like the kid president 🙂
    Peace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  11. Rachel says:

    I love the Cello Wars. It’s the BEST!!!!!!:):)

  12. #Ilove:pizza says:

    #Ilove:starwars, cello wars was amazing! Darthvader w/ the accordion genius. :|)

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