The Wand

Our kids at Locust Grove Elementary are always against bullying. This video focuses not only on being a buddy not a bully but also on staying true to yourself. Thank you to all LGES staff, parents and students for their help in making this production possible. Please enjoy the LGES 2016 production of “The Wand”.

6 Responses to The Wand

  1. Shelly Johnson says:

    Great Job Kylyn and all the kids!! 🙂

    Kylyn’s Grandma

  2. Cheryl Glaser says:

    Great job, kids and Ms. Brooks! I really enjoyed the video. What a great message for the kids!

  3. Gray says:

    The movie turned out so great!!!

  4. Simonette says:

    That was so good!

  5. Jennifer Quaintance says:

    WOW!! I’m so impressed and so proud of several former students!! Great job everyone involved!! I’m looking forward to seeing future productions!

  6. I love this! Good job to all they people that were in this.

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