Audition Results

Wow!!! We have such amazingly talented kids at this school! Everyone did a great job on our movie auditions. Congratulations to all of our soon to be movie stars! I will be meeting with all of you at your recesses on Tuesday to discuss our filming details and schedule.

Archie – Tristin Salinas
Breanna – Kendall Wynn
Kevin – Rodney Zummo
Aurora – Danielle Callahan
Tribeca -Sydney Wynn
Austish – Brady Bennett
Rex – Jared Hubbell
Roy – Oscar Aguilar
Dragon Lord- He knows who he is 😉
Aurora’s Sister – Maddalyn Grant
Gatekeeper – Xavier Mitchell
Kid 1 – Christian Reid
Adnene 1 – Emma Harlan
Adnene 2 – Coby Earley
Adnene 3 – Natalie Pettyjohn
Adnene 4 – Kirstin Love
Adnene 5 – Sarah Johnson
Adnene 6 – Cheyenne Belair
Adnene 7 – Amara Roland
Adnene 8 – Anthony Sears
Adnene 9 – Karinne Brochu
Adnene 10 – Bailey Jenkins
Adnene 11 – Mitch Herndon
Adnene 12 – Nadia Ali

Classroom Extras
Maggie Russell
Peyton Dickerson
Sydney Klich
Ethan Pettyjohn
Bailee Harris
Jayme Dibella
Robbie Pittman
Naomi White
Emily Stephan
Joy Ramsey
Katie Kearnes
Madison Armstrong
Elena Grodt
Christen Murray
David Barnard
Alyssa Tucker

Cafeteria and Hallway Extras

Anneliese Mabie
Kyla Johnson
Brandon Canfield
Asher Whittington
Addison Dempsey
Ariana Colson
Kaeli Flint
Kaylee Huff
Emmy Naples
Jonathan Houff
David Fallows
Paul Black
Isabella Melendez
Caden Haynes
Kamiryn Pittman
Sophie Babcock
Macy Day
Megan Delahoussaye
Mackenzie Angelo

Bus Extras

Natayah Garner
Kayla Balk
Olivia Erwin
Danica Brown
Max Singh
Kristin Karkiewicz
Juliet Daniel
Jordan Carter
Madison Lancing
Kaitlyn Childs
Tiffany Liming
Kiya Whitaker
Ethan Eclipse
Allie Pittman
Virginia McGlothlin
Cailyn Ingram
Noah Butler
Alexie Wright
Evan Wildermuth
Myla Ritenour
Faer Johnsen
Duane Martin
Taylor Maddox

43 Responses to Audition Results

  1. Kaitlyn Childs says:

    Man I hope I’m a extra

  2. kendall wynn says:

    OMG!!! i got breanna im so excited. i hope nobody is mad at me:]

    • Calissa brooks says:

      this is after the movie but i hope I’m not in trouble cuz i know who the dragon lord is!!!!! and I’m telling SPOILER ALERT : ITS KENDALL!!!!!

      btw i love the way at the end when she tries to use her magic and says ARCHIE!!!!! i kept on doing it over and over

  3. kendall wynn says:

    does anyone know who Tristen Salinas is? i heard he’s in fourth grade but i dont think i’ve ever seen him.

  4. sarah johnson says:

    congrats everyone!!!! 😉 mrs. Brooks are we in the movie a lot if we are a adnene 12 or something? And what is the names of adnene number 5??

  5. sarah johnson says:

    who is Dragon Lord???

  6. Tristin Salinas says:

    im in Ms. Kelson’s class. Also THANK YOU MRS. BROOKS FOR THE PART. im excited and ready to work really hard:)

  7. Krissia says:

    CONGRATS to allog u especially Archie smith (Tristin salinas) my brother

  8. mysterious says:

    Yeah triston is in my class he is awsome!

  9. mysterious says:

    I would of rather had a bigger part. But im happy i got in oh and what is an adnene

  10. Danielle says:


    P.S. – Dragon Lord- He knows who he is? Who Is He, the rest of us want to know!

  11. Bailey says:

    Good job to everyone…..looking forward to being a magic person now 😀
    P.S. Good job Kendall…You to Danielle 😀

  12. myla says:

    i agree with kaitlyn

  13. sarah johnson says:

    are we extras if we are a adnene or id????;]

    • Brooks says:

      Not exactly. If you are an adnene you are in quite a few scenes as an extra but somewhere in the movie you also have a speaking part.

  14. sarah johnson says:

    i mean kid?????;]

  15. Taylor says:

    Better a small part thin no part at all 🙂 thanks so much!

  16. i’m not in the movie but it hears awsome.

  17. kathryn says:

    today I saw some of the movie w had to swich buses.

  18. Moive is awesome ! It so cool I’m still shock that I got archie smith WEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!


    • :) says:


  20. TJ says:

    YEAH!!!! My little sis is Breanna! Way to go Kendall!
    I hope everyone has fun with the movie!!!
    -TJ LGMS
    P.S. I miss you Ms.Brooks!! 🙂

  21. kendall says:

    T.J. stop embarrassing me!! And Tristin , is it really necessary to say YEA! that way.

  22. ME says:

    im so exed to see the move !!!!!!!!!!
    my litle sis is in the move it sonds so fun
    🙂 <3 <3 🙂

  23. Christian Reid says:


  24. kendall says:

    the movie is almost done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone has to come the the premire!

  25. kendall says:

    You will never guess who the dragon lord is so make sure to watch it at the premiere to be one of the first to know!!!!!!! (ps you can buy the movie for $5 and the premiere admition is $2)

  26. kendall says:

    i got that right didn’t i Mrs brooks?

  27. The movie is now done 🙂 for me its like 🙁 I loved making the movie ( help me a lot 3rd graders keep coming to me 🙁 and lot people were mad at me for telling them that mr.cole is dragon lord( roy) who cares right?????????????? Please tell me that it doesnt matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Brooks says:

      I was very impressed that everyone kept the secret of who the dragon lord was! Everyone who knew was told a different person to tell that it was so as not to ruin the ending. Hopefully the surprise made it that much more fun!

  28. yes I would like to see another one also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Johnathan Leitz says:

    It is driving me crazy to see if I get James or not!

  30. Tristin says:

    uhhhh hi my name is Tristin and I used to go here I uhh stared in the movie anyway hi Mrs. Brooks

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