Group Pics 2012-2013

These group pictures of our chorus were taken right before our end of year chorus party. I was so lucky to have such a wonderful and talented group of kids! Just click on an image to get a better look.

  • 4th grade chorus
  • 4th grade chorus
  • 3rd grade chorus
  • 3rd grade chorus
  • 5th grade chorus
  • 5th grade chorus

11 Responses to Group Pics 2012-2013

  1. Our faces old times haha

  2. I didn’t relize how funny I looked hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anthony Clay Sears says:

    Wow look at me in the purple hoodie. I look confused!! lol

  4. So many people look confused ?

  5. haha i agree with dylan we all look confused!!!!

  6. Makenna says:

    That was the best chorus year ever and we were like famous! everybody commented on our performance

  7. :) Amber :) says:

    omg i look sleepy!!!!

  8. I miss 3rd grade well now i’m off to 5th can’t wait 🙂

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