Safety Patrols

Are you a responsible fifth grade student?  Are you dedicated to making our school a better, safer place?  Then this is the group for you.

At the beginning of the school year and at Open House, I will have available applications for safety patrols for the 2017-2018 school year.  Each student wanting to be a safety patrol must fill out an application with a recommendation from a parent and a teacher. 

9 Responses to Safety Patrols

  1. victoria falb says:


  2. Morgan:) says:

    I have already been one and it was fun!!!

  3. I signed up this year, I hope I made it,
    keeping my fingers crossed

  4. niyah says:

    me too Iliana i hope we both get it

  5. Cheyenne Bellair says:

    Yeah can’t wait!!!:)

  6. Cheyenne Bellair says:

    Hey mrs.brooks when will safe tye patrols be posted ??

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