Safety Patrols

Safety Patrols have been chosen for the first part of the year. Don’t forget there will be 2 more groups picked later this year. Make sure you are an example to others and it could be you!

Current Safety Patrols remember, the school is looking to you to see how they should be behaving. Make sure you are showing them the right things at all times! I know you will make your school proud!

9 Responses to Safety Patrols

  1. victoria falb says:


  2. Morgan:) says:

    I have already been one and it was fun!!!

  3. I signed up this year, I hope I made it,
    keeping my fingers crossed

  4. niyah says:

    me too Iliana i hope we both get it

  5. Cheyenne Bellair says:

    Yeah can’t wait!!!:)

  6. Cheyenne Bellair says:

    Hey mrs.brooks when will safe tye patrols be posted ??

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